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Gut Pro


Gut Pro is an evidence-based probiotic supplement to keep your gut feeling good – every day. With clinically studied probiotic species and active herbal extracts, the formula works hard to restore optimal gut function. Simultaneously helping to debloat, reduce symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort and promote healthy digestion while also balancing female intimate microflora.

Unlike standard probiotic supplements, Gut Pro nourishes good intestinal flora in both the gut and vaginal microbiome with just one daily capsule. Soothing ingredients action at the source to boost levels of beneficial bacterial and prevent harmful bacteria from taking over. Giving you the comfort you want, Gut Pro delivers what your gut needs to thrive.

· Promote healthy digestion
· Relieves bloating
· Restores good gut flora
· Supports gut and vaginal health
· Supports healthy vaginal pH
· Maintains healthy vaginal microflora

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Restore. Digest. Vaginal health. As part of your daily health routine, Gut Pro helps relieve bloating and supports vaginal pH balance.

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