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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections help to relax muscles to reduce the appearance of fine and deep set lines for a fresh and rejuvenated look. Anti-Wrinkle can also be used to help correct the top lip disappearing when smiling, a ‘gummy’ smile and even help relieve tension from jaw clenching.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections available at Angel Aesthetics Clinic Brisbane, Gold Coast & Perth.


Anti-wrinkle is a versatile treatment with many medical and aesthetic benefits; used primarily as both a preventative and targeted measure against the signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles & increased skin laxity (sagging & loss of tightness). Anti-Wrinkle treatments can also improve facial asymmetry, lift the brows, reduce and prevent headaches, provide relief from excess sweating (hyperhidrosis), bruxism (jaw grinding), and can even target muscles to slim the face.

Please refer to our treatment menu to view all pricing & treatments available at Angel Aesthetics. 

Please note that due to Australian regulations surrounding S4 prescription goods & their use in cosmetic injectables, we aren’t able to advertise the brand names of our products, or even a specific price. However, if you contact us we can gladly share this information with you.

Our highly trained nurses will only treat a patient if both their aesthetic results & medical best practice standards can be met. This means we aren’t able to treat if you are contraindicated, not a candidate or go against our policies. Whilst anti-wrinkle is mainly used for aesthetic reasons, it is still a prescription medication that can only be administered by a registered medical professional. 

Please ensure you: 

  • Are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Are not planning to fly interstate within 72 hours, or fly Internationally within two weeks post treatment.
  • Do not consume alcohol or perform strenuous exercise in the 24-48 hours prior and post treatment 
  • Have no excessive acne, sunburn, broken skin, wounds or coldsores in the desired treatment area. 
  • If you are prone to coldsores, visit your local chemist for preventative medication. Not taking this medication can cause an outbreak, so take the night/morning prior to your appointment, as directed by your pharmacist.
  • Have not had any vaccinations, major dental work, or any aesthetic treatment planned to the same area for a MINIMUM of TWO WEEKS prior and post appointment. 
  • Have not come down with an illness (Influenza, Bronchitis, Covid-19 etc) within the last two weeks as your body’s immune response is heightened.
  • Are not taking any antibiotic or steroidal medications (penicillin, amoxicillin, prednisone etc) for the two weeks leading up to your treatment.
  • Stop the use of anti-inflammatory medications a minimum of one week before your appointment. e.g. Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Naproxen/Naprogesic, Fish oils, St John’s Wort, Ginko, Ginseng, Vitamin E, or any blood thinning medications. You may take regular Panadol but advise your nurse if it was within the last 24 hours prior to treatment. 
  • Ensure you are well hydrated by increasing your water intake, and have eaten a balanced meal in the last 4 hours prior to treatment.
  • If you suffer from an autoimmune or neuromuscular disorder (Eaton Lambert Syndrome, Myasthena Gravis etc) it is very unlikely you will be able to receive treatment. Please discuss and gain consent from your regular GP or specialist before booking in.

Available at Angel Aesthetics Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth.

Your final results should be visible by the two week mark. Before this point, your anti-wrinkle may still need time to reach full effect as the purified protein activates. You may notice the relaxant process happening from just a few days in, or notice minimal changes at all until over a week past your appointment – variations like this are very normal, as we are all individuals and respond differently to treatment. 

Anti-wrinkle treatment lasts up to 2-4 months on average for most patients, reaching its full effect at the two week mark. It’s important to remember AW treatment acts on a scale and is not permanent – you’ll see and feel the strongest effects between 2-8 weeks, with the strength of treatment gradually decreasing over time as our body creates new neurotransmitters to ‘unfreeze’ the muscles.

An exception to this general advice is when you have received a high dose to a targeted area, such as masseter or hyperhidrosis injections. In this case, results can take up to 4 weeks to see the final results, with the effects lasting up to 6-9 months on average.

Several factors that can affect the longevity of your anti-wrinkle treatment are:

  • Metabolism – everyone’s natural chemistry is different, which is why the average longevity is 2-4 months.
  • Extent of lines & wrinkles – patients with only fine lines can find their longevity lasts up to 5 months, whereas patients with deeper lines and/or larger muscle tissue initially may require a larger dose or quicker treatment intervals to increase their longevity.
  • Facial Expression – if you naturally have more animated facial expressions, you may see a quicker decrease in effects as the muscles treated are continually being called to action and thus rebuild the nerve signals quicker.

Most patients can expect to see pinpoint redness at the injection sites completely fade within 10-60 minutes. The risk of swelling is minimal, however if this does occur you can take a non-drowsy antihistamine (Zyrtec, Telfast, Claritin etc) to help bring it down. The risk of bruising is also very minimal, however this risk varies from patient to patient due to the placement of blood vessels under the skin. If you do bruise, the best way to heal is to up your water intake and get a minimum of 8 hours sleep per night. To boost your healing, LED Healite II treatments are our go to, or you can apply Arnica cream from 48 hours post treatment. 

You can also take a non-drowsy antihistamine 30 minutes prior to your treatment, as this can minimise your body’s inflammatory response to treatment and minimise any potential bruising or swelling. 

After your appointment:

  • Do not touch, rub or apply pressure to the treatment area for a minimum of 12 hours. Keep any touch or pressure to the area very gentle for a minimum of 48 hours.
  • You can resume your regular skin care routine from the next day, (applying very gently) but avoid heavy foundations or products for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • You will not be able to lie down (at all) for a minimum of 4 hours. This is to prevent the anti-wrinkle spreading to unwanted muscles and causing unwanted effects.
  • Do not drink alcohol, take any substances that increase the heart rate, or get a massage/sauna for a minimum of 48 hours post treatment.
  • Don’t apply any vitamin serums, AHA’s or retinol/retinoids to the area for a minimum of two days post treatment.

All invasive medical procedures carry an element of risk. Thankfully, the most common side effects or complications that can occur with cosmetic injectables are very minimal and easily resolved.

As with all treatments administered via injection, a mild pain or a ‘sting’ sensation at the injection site, redness, swelling and/or bruising are all normal and not cause for concern. During the two weeks it takes to fully activate, you may experience less common side effects such as headaches, general discomfort, cold & flu like symptoms, temporary double vision, pins and needles or numbness to the treated area. These side effects may feel worrying, but are only a cause for concern if they do not resolve.

An allergic reaction, whilst extremely rare, is still a possibility from all prescription medication so keep an eye out for itchy hives and/or swelling around the eyes, mouth and throat. Contact us immediately if you have any concerns, or call triple 000 if an emergency/outside of business hours.

Patient safety and comfort is our biggest priority, so we ask that you contact us if you have any concerns or doubts about any of the above. Sending a photo/video that shows your concern is always appreciated as we can help straight away. 

Potential Aesthetic Side Effects include;

  • Spocking: A muscle that over/under reacts to the treatment dose can result in asymmetry, in areas like the brow. This is very easily corrected at your follow up appointment, where we can readjust the treatment dose.
  • Flushing: A rarer side effect can occur during periods of high physical exertion, where the face flushes red but the injection areas where the muscle was frozen do not. This side effect has no medical implications, and will resolve naturally as the anti-wrinkle wears off.

Booking your AW follow up between 2-3 weeks is essential for us to be able to complimentary treat any complication that occurs within our control. This timeframe is specific for anti-wrinkle follow ups, so if you aren’t able to find an appointment with your nurse within this period please contact us as soon as possible.

Upon arriving to Angel Aesthetics, you will be greeted by our Angels and checked in via our booking system. If you have any patient forms left to complete (these are sent as part of your reminder message), please arrive 5 minutes early. 

At your appointment time, your nurse will take you through and begin your consultation, which is provided as part of all treatments booked – we’ll never inject without knowing your goals first. During this consultation, you and your nurse will decide on the best treatment option/s for you, depending on your candidacy, goals and budget. Your nurse will advise you of your expected results, discuss with you product options and volumes, and go through your aftercare instructions & any potential side effects to look out for. 

A prescription for your chosen treatment will be obtained via telehealth consultation if you are a new patient to us, or if it’s been more than 12 months since your last appointment with us. The doctor will also go through the risks again and obtain your consent to a prescription and subsequent administration.

Sometimes patients are ‘marked up’ with a cosmetic pen (this is not always needed). Once treatment has started, it’s all very quick and simple from there and in no time, treatment will be complete. After your treatment, your nurse will take you through to reception to complete payment, and you’ll be offered to sit and relax with a coffee, tea or sparkling water & some snacks to unwind and relax post treatment.

The recommended timeframe to receive treatments before a special occasion or event varies per service. For Anti-Wrinkle, we recommend receiving your treatment 4-6 weeks before your event, so your results are visibly at full strength.

Weddings: if you are a new patient to us, we recommend coming in 6 months prior – this allows us to find your best personal AW dosing, and retreat 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding to ensure you have your final results and avoid any stress of potential adjustments or complications too close to your special day.

No numbing agents are needed for Anti-Wrinkle treatments. The procedure itself is very quick, and the needle (which is extremely small and fine) is only placed superficially so virtually painless.

Please note

For all anti-wrinkle treatments with Principal Nurse Sylvia an additional 10% is added to the treatment price.

Cosmetic clinics are prohibited due to Australian Regulations to state how many ‘mls’ or ‘units’ are associated with packages or individual pricing. Dermal fillers are a prescription-only schedule 4 medicine with treatment only available from a qualified medical professional.

Please contact us for more information regarding the specific product or amounts used per appointment type on average. 

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