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Dermal Filler & Dissolving Brisbane, Gold Coast & Perth

Dermal Fillers can redefine and enhance your facial contours, help to reduce the appearance of ageing and assist in boosting collagen production. Founder and Nurse Sylvia’s filler techniques include the ‘Signature Angel Lip’ and Tip Lift Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty – Available only at Angel Aesthetics.

Dermal filler and dissolving available at Angel Aesthetics Clinic Brisbane, Gold Coast & Perth.

Dermal Filler & Dissolving

‘Liquid Rhinoplasty’ is a non surgical approach to the nose. Using dermal filler, the ridges on the nose can be filled for the appearance of a “straightened” and lifted nose and help to make the illusion of a smaller nose.

A liquid rhinoplasty has a shorter recovery time than a standard surgical rhinoplasty and has a possibility of lasting up to 24 months.

Please note: 3 month touch ups are from $399.

Our signature Angel lip technique uses thick filler to shape the lip and create a defined border. Regular filler is used for those preferring a very subtle enhancement to their natural lip.

Cheek dermal filler injections are aimed at creating support, volume, and definition to the mid-lower face, accentuating both the medial cheeks and lateral cheekbones.

Chin filler can be placed along the length or centrally to balance the face, correct asymmetry in the prejowl and both elongate and define the front and side profiles.

Jawline filler creates deep definition and structure along the entire length of the jaw. Any excess skin in the area can detract from results so book in for a consult or message in via email, text, or IG if you are unsure if you are a candidate.

Tear Trough filler is used to correct dark circles underneath the eyes and genetic and age-based hollowing & volume loss for a lifted and rejuvenated under eye area.

Nasolabial Fold (or ‘smile line’) dermal filler is used to revolumise the deep lines next to the mouth most prominent when we smile and laugh. 

Temple filler corrects the hollowing caused predominately by genetics, or volume loss as we age with most patients (depending on the level of hollowing).

Dissolving is advised when any visible lumps or migration are present, or if you’re wanting to start fresh with a new shape. We can inject the dissolved area a minimum of 2 weeks after the initial filler.

Please note

For all dermal filler & dissolving treatments with Principal Nurse Sylvia an additional $50 is added to the treatment price.

Due to new Government guidelines. If you are a new patient, haven’t visited us within the past year or it has been a year since your original script a $25 doctors scripting fee will apply

Cosmetic clinics are prohibited due to Australian Regulations to state how many ‘mls’ or ‘units’ are associated with packages or individual pricing. Dermal fillers are a prescription-only schedule 4 medicine with treatment only available from a qualified medical professional.

Please contact us for more information regarding the specific product or amounts used per appointment type on average.

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